Welcome to Around the World with Kids!

Traveling with your family shouldn’t be a dream put off until “someday”. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you need to deny yourself the adventure that comes with international travel. If you have kids and wish to take a long-term and extraordinary trip but don’t know where to start, you’re not alone. It’s a common problem. And while the planning may be difficult (children bring complexities to the travel experience) and fraught with obstacles (“but I don’t want to go to Thailand!”), the payoff—for everyone involved—is massive.

This site was created to help you and your family realize your travel dreams and to travel internationally with the confidence of a veteran.

On this site you’ll find articles about where to stay ,what airline to fly and how to keep the kids happy while you’re out there. Find out where to purchase your plane tickets and where are the best places to go to keep your kids begging for more.

Don’t think you have to sacrifice your child’s education either—there are ways to keep your travels going while keeping your children up-to-date with their education . In case you need it, we have a little inspiration for you too.

Don’t think for a second that once the babies arrive you have to relegate yourself to your own backyard. Kids love adventure, and babies love happy parents. Give them both with the gift of travel.

Read more and find out how!